Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Favorite Poem!!!

Metzli Chingona
Only you
can paint the sky
so Mexican
papier maché skull
laughing in la noche
hang out como loca
with vatos and rucas
irte de vaga all night
and travel
agachadita y despacito
a sloooow yellow lowrider
cruising los boulevards
de cielos oscuros
you're the high
heeled sugar mama
romance queen
wearing skin-tight
satin dress, singing
canciones de amor
you turn
the tide red
turn tough
illiterate cholos
into poets
circle the wombs
of women
who bleed
even lobos
hold sacred your light
lift heads up con
waauuuuuuu waauuuuuuu
you're La Poser
moon over mi raza
light outside my windo
la llema del huevo
the onion goddess
La canica de hielo
dando vuelta tras vuelta
en el cielo
you're la Party Girl
who smokes mota
and drinks too much tequila
becomes the slit
of a sleepy eye
hanging sideways
el ojo abusado
de la abuela
la ceja blanca
del viejo
la sonriza chueca
del borracho
an ivory alligator tooth
the shiny pedazo
of somebody's broken mirror
tossed into the sky
you turn mars
into a burnt out
cigarette butt
make estrellas
look like tossed jacks
you chase away the sun
smudge his fire
like rust lipstick
against pale blue horizon
make of a rising Venus
such an envious star
From the CD Raza Spoken Here 1 ©1998 Olga Angelina García Echeverría.


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