Thursday, June 08, 2006

10 minute. free flow out of consciousness

with no intention to make sense just trying to make my hands overwork themselves with the typing. trying to get rid of the funk that I am in burning out too quickly. dealing with what might happen tomorrow what will I feel when I see him again. Trying to understand what Iam feeling right now if when he left it was for good or if he never did. I go keep my word cuz that is what I have. Who can explain what I am feeling. I only recall a memory of running dogs chasing me and my foot stuck on the mud knowing they were going to attack me and me just stuck there ready to take it. Same feeling here. Don't know what to expect what to feel take a fucking road no need to bullshit go where the heart desires go sweetie cuz this is your life. Of course it hurts things you learn too late or too early wondering and thinking that is what Im good to do. feel I am just a body


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