Sunday, October 14, 2007

si te contara

si te contara de las cosas tan bellas que estoy sintiendo no me entenderias porque algunas veces hablo raresas y sinceramente no me entiendo a mi misma. eres la primera persona con quien hablo de mis miedos mas primitivos. Donde hasta mi vagina lo siento que se acercara a la madre tierra y encontrara descanso. Halgo muy extrano me esta pasando. se siente muy lindo y ya no me siento tan triste o sola

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Today was work

Today there was a lot of work done that I was proud of very proud of. I was very proud of myself that I stood up and spoke up for youth. I think that is my role. the how dare you of the world. I got tired you know that being a youth we get pushed around. I respect the people who have been in this movement pero sometimes canijo things get out of hand too out of hand. Bueno life is like that you have to learn how to deal with people and learn how to handle them well.

I think I spoke out of reason and following some principles that i didnt think about before about the immigrant rights movement and how things can get stronger. a companero asked about how do you think people can work together considering people come from different ideologies. I brought up the point that people need to hear the base and what the base is saying. We can then create a space for dialogue and discussion where both principles can work. This other crazy lady was saying that we shouldnt support the dream act cuz its a poverty draft bill the all or nothing.

Elvira Arellano was saying that the new sanctuary movement should support the dream act but that they want a bigger comprehensive immigration reform first no compromises. After speaking up about the need to hear what the base is saying before jumping to conclusions she changed her earlier statement

ill finish it later.....note to mari

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Day 1 Mexico City

My contacts are burning me eyes....the pollution....oh no. Interesting day today. I spent the whole day walking through different places that just happen to be patrimonios nacionales. The names of the places are- Frida Kahlo{s house, museo de antropologi, museo rufino tamaya, palacio de bellas artes, and an art shop and i ate breakfast at VOIP

spoke to seiu guy- centrist well intentioned and might have taken the fact that i told him that he is old too personal. Trying to push me to read his proposal and to connect him to the national youth project. We will see

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