Wednesday, November 21, 2007

El mundo es extrano. Uno se puede entregar con todo el corazon. Y uno lo traiciona las circunstancias. Donde me encontre yo. Salgo de una y entro a otra. Ya encontre al pasado otra vez una mujer que conocere esta vez. Lo bueno es que nunca senti regrets. Lo que paso tuvo que pasar. Uno se abre otra vez en otras circunstancias. Uno se acostumbra a las cosas. Y luego las cosas cambian verdad jajaja.

i dont understand

im tied up up between two people i love. On the one hand, my mom tells me she knows better cuz she knows how men act. She's seen it for 25 years with my father. She tells me look at him drink. look at him serve that women and drink with her and his friends. how can she act like she is family she is nothing. How can he disrespect you and me at this place? How can you permit that. And there is doubt. What is her agenda what does she get out of being sneaky? If she is gone someone else will come and replace her. He will replace her with someone else. and on the other hand I trust him. He wouldnt do that to me. Of course she is a slut. Of course she is no good but I trust him completly. What does he want from her? This woman who would otherwise offer nothing. I am complicit.

I put up with that shit. What you decide to do I must let you know that since you are breaking her off. I will put my limit as well. If she comes up again, I will leave. It seems fair.

I want to be alone for a while. I dont want to cry for no one.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

voladores de papantla

Voladores de Papantla

Veracruz, 1999

At the epicenter of a camphorized pole ascending towards the sky,

four man birds levitated towards the womb of the mother sun.

Their pueblo clay faces shyly greeted the rays-

marked by jagged terrains of age

they allowed themselves to fall,

into their cicada and sunflower colored winged cloaks

their turns like red starburst flames dancing in the wind.

This touch of fire perforating the sky

like moths in a summer night

with silence broken into

by the echoed breaths of a hallow shell,

of the adobe faced man birds inviting the sun

in a low whisper to sleep

wandering into this modern life.

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