Wednesday, April 26, 2006

about scars

Estaba pensando en la vida y un comentario de Gabriel sobre el vacio interno que deja la muerte (un tema que de hecho nosotros hemos hablado mucho) . Pero tambien queria darle merito a la vida. Perhaps I can play a devil's advocate for a minute and state that yes even life can leave an emptiness filled only by the external light that is life. I write of our stories specifically about our births and the similarities in both our mother's experiences. I think about the cool blade ever so delicately opening a channel for us that the natural birth canal could not provide. I think about the similarities that our mothers had to decide at one point in their lives to give us life or not and the implications of that. I think about the life risks only to have to deal with our lives and wonder if they ever believed that giving us life was a mistake. How deep these wounds run in their bodies. Wounds that I can still trace in the womb of my mother. Which in turn makes me think about scars. Any scar-both visible and invisible that we too carry as in our bodies as testimonies of lives lived and negated.


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