Wednesday, August 06, 2008

todays conversation

today i had several conversations with important people. From gabe, i gathered reflections of building a sustainable family and starting with my dad since he is the head of the family and more conscious one. From my part, I had to commit to engaging my dad 1-1 to develop his personal empowerment either through learning how to drive and opening his horizons to what is out there. from my parents they got excited about the prospects of getting a car. i told about getting a loan and my dad confessed that he wasnt sure where the money situation was at in the family or how much money he could afford to go to mexico. i reassured him that delta has grievances packages that can be purchased and changed.but it made me think and be cautious about a couple of things. how we going to run the house when they are gone! I have lived by myself before and I can handle things. the other thing is i wonder hwo their economic situation is now. how can we sustain things now. we need support or at least create structures of support. from my mom side she is more accepting. i dont think she can handle the logistics of things but she will be a valuable resource in terms of outreach and who to contact. we can handle the logistics. a couple of big purchases will be made. we should smooth the process before we move along. just a couple of thoughts for the night..


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