Thursday, July 24, 2008

this is where i am at

Today I took an official me day. One of those days I declare that I have had enough and that its time to break. But today was technically not that. I spent the morning sleeping. I re-cooked myself a healthy lunch and picked up my mom at the hospital to see my grandpa. I dragged her out the hospital and spent the rest of the day at the gym and quickly shopping for clothing. All in all it went well. Beyond the point that I would have otherwise spent the day walking around a queens mall, I think it was still not an official me day. I answer or at least looked at emails but thats that.Otherwise I am happy how things turned out today. Happy I finally got my jean skirt and can now don my ska attire for sunday! hurray jaja. I find it kinda sick that everyday im feeling better that he is not around. I was thinking of the egg and chicken question: the car or the apartment. The car means that I can drive anywhere I want (in theory of course jaja), run errands and at least make my life a little more adventursome. Shall we travel to NJ or upstate? we shall we shall we shall. I would feel a lot more confident as well and we would get to look for homes at our own time. The apartment. Well I want my own space. A place I can decorate and have my things. I did say my things right? Not sure I want him living with me if he doesnt contribute to the rent. So the apartment means a 1 year lease for 1700 max. Thats 20,400. Unless he is meeting half of the expenses its a definate no. The car. Im thinking of spending max 4000+2000 (insurance)+1000 (extraneous expenses)=7000. I have that money. I feel a little anxious in spending it...Oh and that dream of buying a house one day...I forgot about that one.


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