Thursday, April 17, 2008

Remember who you are

ooo I really love that. I really like remembering how I used to be and how im becoming which is all about living in the present. I love sleeping in late and going to sleep late. Im learning to love the beach. I like surprises. I like being discrete and witty (is this reallya british thang). I want to travel to Europe and get paid with Euros. I used to love sex before it began hurting. I like feeling fit and and getting high from the now everyday run. i love walking and feeling the air cool my face. I love reading. I love reading stories about other countries and about young people from other places. I m fascinated by murals and street art.i love things made by hand especially paper mache toys, frames, artwork mexican, colorful work, leather journals. I love colonial city streets and getting lost in the small rincones. i wont admit it but i love traveling and meeting new people. i love coffee shops. i love my cats. i love my family. i get excited about black and white classic cinema, ska music, an energetic concert. i love my hair. i love trying make up and new clothing and having them fit perfectly :-). i love feeling sensual. the color of red is matte satin. Matte everything-photographs, makeup, art. i love jumping and energetic music. I love my eyes especially with thick black liner. i love laughing and making other people laugh. I love colorful photographs in unexpected background colors. i love the taste of mamey and rose in ice cream that i found in teotitlan del valle. I love paris in black and white. i love oaxaca in full blown color. i like the term remittance baby and the poem i have forgotten. i love blue rooms.


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