Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Bucket List

A total steal from the movie. Whatever, it got me thinking because im very bored today and realized I shouldn't spend my life watching tv till death. Thats not me. What is liberty for? I haven't been living it up. Im surprised because its not the first time and I shouldnt be like this again. So here is my list

Things to do:

1. Finally learn how to drive and improve observation skills
2. Learn how to dance salsa or tango
3. be a better friend
4. be a better daughter
5. be a better lover
6. sky dive and get rid of fear of heights
7. Learn how to ride a bike
8. Learn how to swim and then scuba diving
9. Travel to several countries besides the United States and Mexico......
10. Learn french?
11. Go to law school
12. Retire early and travel often.
13. Write a book that makes the bestseller list in the NYTIMES
14. Be more proactive


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