Sunday, July 29, 2007

some poetry by audre lorde

I hear myself drought caught
pleading a windy cause
dry as the earth without rain
crying love, in tongues of false thunder
while my love waits
like a seeded trap in the door of my house
mouth bound with perfect teeth
sure of their strength on bone
while my love waits
to swallow me whole
and pass me as echos of shadowless laughter
my love
waits at the door of my house

in my yard myths of rain
hang like a sheet of brick caught silk
torn in the sun

If you come softly
as wind within the trees
you may hear what i hear
see what sorrow sees

If you come as lightly
as threading dew
i will take you gladly
nor ask more of you

you may sit beside me
silent as breath
only those who stay dead
shall remember death

and if you come i will be silent
nor speak harsh words to you
i will not sk you why, now.
or how, or what you do.

we shall sit here, softly
beneath two different years
and the rich earth between us
shall drink our tears.


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