Saturday, February 03, 2007

been looking over my resolutions

and they make me sick
totally pc wackkkk

anyway i take over and say honestly without any bias or hard feelings or sad feelings or shit feelings. these are the things i want:

1. i want happiness sincere laughter good hearty laughter that touches my soul that caresses me in parts unheard. that sends me rolling in the street
2. i want to get rid of sad eyes. they have followed me everywhere. shit good things go down right
3. i will indulge myself again in silly things. today was in cutesy clothing jaja. jaja bueno fuck that no pa eso se trabaja.
4. i will love and let others love me. why not...
5. i will enjoy the fruits of my labor and be proud cuz my hands did that so cool you make me feel cooler than cool....
6. if im not feeling cool bueno too bad thats it shut it down turn away and move on to something that will make me laugh without hurting me.

been too sad too long for nobody. gonna travel gonna see in awe new places and new faces. gonna love and be loved como se debe.

cuz i want it and this is how its going down.


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